Tool design

Our tool design is based on achieving high volume cycle times running in a demanding environment. Utilizing three dimensional CAD design software (SolidWorks, Catia) as the geometry engine, the design data is supplied to downstream applications to provide tooling documentation and CNC machining instructions.

Form tool design

Starting with the mold layout, upper and lower shut heights, and platen interface specifications, the design of the mold is based on maximizing cooling and venting while properly distributing form air in a balanced approach. Various quick change options for cavity and plug assist configurations are also considered.

Trim tool design

We manufacture trim tools for blanking, venting and scoring. Our trim tools are designed to insure proper punch to die fit for cutting thin gauge plastic parts. Die shoes, pins and bushings, strippers, ejectors, cone locators, and scrap chopper bars all work in harmony to provide a plug and play tooling solution for our customers.